Sophisticated In-House Counsel For Your Business

Sophisticated In-House Counsel For Your Business

Questions Frequently Asked About Commercial Litigation

At Diab Law Firm, PLLC, attorney Samy Diab provides trusted legal representation for businesses throughout Texas. Here are brief informational answers to some of the questions frequently asked about commercial litigation. For legal advice that you can count on, contact attorney Diab in Houston.

Who does the corporate litigator technically represent?

Corporate litigators may technically represent businesses or individual owners, depending on the nature of the dispute. In partnership disputes, for example, the attorney may represent an individual partner. Conversely, in breach of contract cases, the attorney may represent one of the businesses in the contract. This matter depends on the dispute at issue in your case.

How much does corporate litigation cost?

This depends on the nature of the dispute and your role in the dispute. For example, businesses defending against a commercial lawsuit typically hire a law firm or attorney on an hourly basis. Businesses hiring an attorney to bring a lawsuit against another business may hire the firm or attorney on a contingency basis, hourly basis or combination of both, depending on the nature of the case and the client’s goals. Diab Law Firm, PLLC, seeks to do right by every client and strives to accommodate your billing needs and resources. In the case of hourly billing, the firm provides a detailed accounting of billable hours upon the resolution of each case.

How long will my corporate dispute case last?

The length of your case will depend on factors too numerous to list here. Among the factors are the evidence available to support your position, the terms of any contract, the nature of the dispute and the other party in the conflict.

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